Reliable childcare anytime

We like to keep it simple for you, so there are

NO membership, booking, registration or parent-to-babysitter fees for our service.

You can book in advance for lower rates, with 10% discount for multiple bookings.

Be sure to register FREE for updates, offers and further discounts.

One to two children - £13.50/hour for advance bookings

or £15/hour for bookings made less than 48 hours in advance

Three to four children - £15/hour for advance bookings

or £17/hour for bookings made less than 48 hours in advance

Five children - £17/hour for advance bookings

or £19/hour for bookings made less than 48 hours in advance

Please add £4/hour for London (area) bookings.

Add £6/hour for special days of the year e.g. Dec 25, 26, 31 and Jan 1.

Competitive special rates apply for creche and conference childcare staffing.

Rates can be as low as £12.15 per hour for multiple (3 or more) bookings

Our rates are competitive, ensuring that the babysitters get a fair wage

and clients get an excellent service.

We require a minimum of 2 hours per booking.


  • You complete the booking form online, email or phone us
  • We send you a bill by email with the amount to pay and how
  • You tell us when you have made the payment
  • We send you a confirmation email with your babysitter's profile
  • You enjoy your me-time while we take care of your child(ren) in YOUR accommodation (home or hotel).

Complete payment can be made after you receive acknowledgement of your booking, and MUST be received by Evasitters before the requested start time. Please note that we may need to charge extra for bookings with finish times after midnight, distant locations and some unusual daytime bookings. Payment is normally by internet/phone bank transfer or Paypal before the babysitter arrives, so there is no need to give the babysitter any payment. We also accept all major debit and credit cards. We will try our best to send a babysitter you have had before at your request, if possible. You are more likely to get a sitter with advance bookings.

Feel free to call us to discuss special requirements e.g. care for children with special needs or daytime hours. We go to homes and hotels in Coventry, Warwickshire, Solihull, Birmingham, Leicester, London and surrounding areas. There is a 10% discount for three or more babysitting dates booked at once. You can book several dates in advance now by phone or online, if you like, and we will do our best to get your preferred babysitter.

If you have used our service before, you may choose to pay the full correct amount in advance to our bank account for your convenience. We will refund your money promptly and notify you asap, if we are ever unable to provide a babysitter for the time required.

Please email or phone us if you wish to enquire about regular after-school childcare,
overnight care or nursery staff solutions.

A half hour is calculated as any 15-30 minutes worked. One hour is calculated as any 30-60 minutes worked. For example, 6pm - 9.20pm will be charged as 3.5 hours, but 6.30pm to 10.20pm will be charged as 4 hours. Please note that extra time not paid for or agreed in advance with Evasitters will be charged at double the hourly rate from 15 minutes after the shift ends. No refund will be given if you return earlier than planned/booked . No refund will normally be given for gift vouchers or hours not used ten weeks after the date of purchase.

10% admin fees (and Paypal fees, if applicable) will be deducted for cancelled confirmed bookings.

Thank you for your booking!

EvaSitters, 5 Hertford Place, Coventry CV1 3JZ.

Tel: 02477 712407, Email: mail@evasitters.co.uk

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